Upcoming Events

Public Event. Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of August, Edinburgh, Scotland

Memory Illusions and How to Avoid Them – Presented by Professor Robert Logie

Can we improve our memory? Do smartphones make us smarter? Take part in interactive demonstrations on human memory including when it works, when it doesn’t and how to make it work better.

The event will take place at The Royal Society Of Edinburgh, Wellcome West Room, 22-26 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PQ. The event is free but ticketed. For more information please click here.

Public Lecture. Saturday, March 9, 10:30 a.m. Columbia, Missouri

What happens when scientists who disagree work together? The case of human memory and aging

How does memory work? How and when does memory not work, and why? How you might improve memory, and why is forgetting a very good thing (but letting your smartphone do your thinking for you is a bad idea)? Dr. Logie will discuss these questions and show how exciting new ideas about memory can arise from working with scientists in Columbia, MO, and in Switzerland who disagree with him and with one another about how human memory works.

The lecture will be given at the Monsanto Auditorium, Bond Life Sciences Center
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At EPS/CSBBCS Meeting: St John’s, Canada. 4-7 July 2018:

  • “Dual-task costs to memory and processing in young adults: An adversarial collaboration” – Jason Doherty

At EWOMS-9: Pavia, Italy, 29-31 August 2018:

  • “Dual-task memory and processing trade-offs are dependent on presentation/recall format and processing task modality” – Jason Doherty
  • “Storage and processing across the adult lifespan: What moderates the magnitude of the dual-task costs?” – Agnieszka Jaroslawska